Proposed Projects

Serial No. Projects Name Projects Director Implementing Agency Projects Duration Objective of the Project
1 Improvement of Pipeline Network and Shahid A. H. M. Kamaruzzaman Surface Water Treatment Plant of Rajshahi WASA. -
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Mobile: +880-
Rajshahi WASA, Rajshahi July,2020 to June,2023
  • To ensure safe dirinking water made abailable for all urban Population of Rajshahi City aligned with SDG goal6.
  • To Make the water supply system Modern, Sustainable and Effecient.
  • To enhance the financial and managerial capability of Rajshahi WASA
2 Sewerage System in Rajshahi City -
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Rajshahi WASA, Rajshahi July,2016 to June,2020

Major Objectives of Sewerage Systems:

There are mainly three principle objectives of sewerage systems.

 i) Improvement of Surrounding Environment & Public hygiene.

ii) Prevention of Flooding

iii) Preservation of Water Quality in Public Water Bodies